With passion for language and translation

A Filinov Translation is a dynamic English - Russian, husband and wife team. We are a partnership of a native Russian speaker and a native English speaker. What does that mean for you? It means you get the best of both worlds. You get a team that has native-level understanding of both the English and the Russian text in your project, can bounce ideas off of each other, and can edit one another as they work.

Anton Filinov has a Master's Degree in Economics. He has worked as an economist, marketing manager and optician. Nekeidra Filinov is a master of organizational tactics as well as a skilled researcher. She has worked as a certified human resources professional, all while maintaining a busy volunteer service schedule. She spent time abroad in Russia, Ukraine, and Poland, and gained an understanding of the culture that she seeks to serve.

Like all great teams, we are complimentary, and the sum is greater than the parts. Both exhaustive researchers, we take our reputation as a translation team seriously. Customer service is a priority. We are responsive to our clients needs. Importantly, we don't take on every job that comes our way. We choose the ones to which we are best suited. While we are scrupulous about meeting our deadlines, we make sure that our deadlines are realistic. Our clients understand that good work takes time, and while we will take on a rush job, we review each one on a case-by-case basis to make sure that we can properly do the work in the necessary time frame.

Above all, we're not content with a "good enough" word; we want the right word to convey the right meaning. This commitment to quality carries through every aspect of our work. Every time. Every project.

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Language doesn’t have to be a barrier.